Monday, July 11, 2016

मिट्टी और पानी

तुमसे हम यूँ दूर हुए
जैसे पानी से किनारा था 
तुम बहते रहे दरिया बन के 
हम चलते रहे किनारा करके 
बस एक बारिश का आना था 
बाड़ तेरे सीने उमड़ी
और डूब हमें फिर जाना था 
अब मिट्टी मेरी तुझमें है 
तू ऐसे ही मटमैला हुआ 
ये सब बारिश की ग़लती है 
ज़बरन हमको मिलवाना था 
कब मौसम बदले
पता नहीं
कब सूरज चमके पता नहीं
तू कब बह निकले 
पता नहीं
ज़मीं तो मेरी अपनी है 
थक कर यूँ ही बैठ जाना था 
अब बाट निहारे 
बैठी हूँ
कब बादल गरजे 
ऐंठी हूँ 
कब तेरे दिल मैं 
लहर उठे 
कब बहता दरिया 
सिहर उठे 
कब तुझमें यूँ रम जाऊँ मैं 
फिर दूर कहीं बिखर जाऊँ मैं 
हर मंज़िल तेरे सदके है 
या मूर्त मैं ढल जाना था !

Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Success story

I am successful 
I guess I have reached the summit 
Beyond being the obedient daughter
Ahead of the subservient wife
Far away from the good enough daughter in law
Somewhere above the all sacrificing mother
And I climbed 
Above and beyond 
The clouds of my dream land
Which is supposed to be green
And vibrant
All breezy and sunshine
Here I stand 
Looking down on the steps 
I had to hop and skip
There goes the witty laughter
And there falls the halo
Here scatters the ego
There evaporates the glory
I spread my wings
I have to fly
The free sky beckons 
Towards the breezy sunshine
Here I come
I have climbed above the tentacles
The society bound me with
Here I rise
The agony strikes
The tug is stronger
The pull inevitable
Tied to my womanhood
Here I come
Back to the earth
Of my reality!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Reflections V- Are we creating digital memories at the cost of experiencing them?

Few years back I attended a wedding ceremony and found it amusing that the various props and well rehearsed performances had made it more of a video shoot than the actual event of meeting and blessing the bride and groom. Since then, the blitzkrieg of high performance mobile cameras and incessant activity on social networking sites has converted life into a role play at virtual Broadway than a real experience felt and stored in the by lanes of sensitive human brain.Similar sentiment was expressed by another writer in news article recently that we are emphasizing on creating digital memories at the cost of experiencing the event and forming an emotional memory in our brain.
But the shock of my life happened recently when I had to spend several hours at my son's school because he was unable to adjust in his new class where I saw that all school activities were being shot or recorded on camera by teachers while children were performing them. On the second day, when I saw it being repeated in my son's class, it irked my sensibilities as to what are we teaching our young ones. Philosophically, life is a play and we are all actors, but to be in front of camera while important lessons of life are being learnt was stretching it a bit too far. Here I must emphasize that the shock had not struck me while I was contemplating about the assistant teacher who, instead of being involved with the kids was recording and setting the light and positioning of class room, it was not even at the thought that sensitive and easily moulded minds of kids were observing and learning from teacher's behavior that will eventually promote the idea of posing for the moment rather than enjoying or learning from the moment and projecting a better picture rather than being a better person, it actually hit me after my interaction with the center supervisor.
When I vocalized my concern to the center supervisor, she immediately went into a defensive mode and responded that that was what the parents expected that their children's activity should be chronicled on face book. My attempt at reasoning with her that the effective student teacher ratio went down if one teacher was involved in recording the activities met with a stubborn effort to emphasize that it was not happening because children were anyway learning. Further discussions again met at a rigid wall that they were expected by the management to put up pictures so that school's activities could be highlighted.
"And what about the children?"
"Aren't they learning their alphabets?"
I mean really, is that all they come to school for, to learn alphabets? How about lessons of life, how to interact with people, build friendships and nurture a base for positive life philosophies like living in the moment and learning from experiences? School is a place where little children learn by watching adult behavior, the educationist therefore holds the biggest responsibility, perhaps even before a parent because at times even parents need guidance regarding how they should handle a child.
The selfie culture being debated nowadays has generated enough concern among mental health practitioners that there is a move to consider and list the deleterious effect of such behavior on human psyche. The excessive use of electronic gadgets is already  considered on the spectrum of addiction and obsession and defined under electronic screen syndrome. The ill effects of overt emphasis on social networking sites to build virtual social world at the cost of real human interaction is being discussed on regular basis in media and in intellectual circuits. Behavioral addictions are being explored and researched due to the disruptive effect of increase of internet and gaming on routine life activities and withdrawal symptoms seen in their absence. Despite all of this, school authorities are unable to understand the importance of a concern of how exposing the growing child to 24x7 digital recording. Moreover, school is emphasizing more on marketing strategies and what satisfies the parent as a client instead of addressing their responsibility of nurturing the next generation.
Yes, I am concerned, and I am afraid as to the impact of this lack of concern at the educationist's level and at society's level at large on the personality of future generation. Are we creating individuals who will spend life for display or would experience life while living and evolving with every moment spent.

Monday, March 28, 2016


Don't we love
Our bright white shirt
And then there is that stain
The yellow curry
He tried to feed 
The tea that trickled
When the hand shivered
The mud that splashed
On the rainy night
The salty tears
She cried at the shoulder 
The lipstick smudge
During the hasty kiss
The bright white shirt
With all those stains
Isn't bright anymore
Nor is it white
The story of our lives
Filling empty spaces....

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I am the light!

The virtue of being lit
enthralls the dark
But being lit
is being burnt 
And while my shadow
is what I dwell in
You see the light
The flame is sapping 
the life force
Soon the burning will cease
Soon the shroud
of cool dark shadows 
will drown the pain of burning
Should there be no virtue
in the ease and comfort of darkness
For things to lie low
and not grow
But then what's the purpose of me
While I burn
I make your shadows
dance on the wall
I burn
Not because I am lit
I burn
Because I am the light!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

देखो बादलों का दिल टूट रहा है!

देखो बादलों का दिल टूट रहा है

कोई बंदिशों से लड़ रहा है
कोई बंधन संजो रहा है
पर रेत गीली होती है
तो बह जाती है
और मिट्टी समन्दर को भी कैद कर लेती है

दिल में जो उमड़ रही है
वो हसरत है
छलक कर बहती है तो आँसू हैं
सिमट कर रहती है तो आह है
कोई बिलख के सो जाता है
कोई सिसक के सहम जाता है

आसमान की पेशानी पे
उसके नूर का इंतज़ार है
जो कशमकश की सिलवटे
सहला के बिठा दे
किसी को जगाना है
किसी ने दूर जाना है।

The Woman

I have been here Forever
Surviving as we all do
I am not always perfect
I strive to be
I am not always strong
I try to be
I don't mean to be put on pedestal
I don't need to be worshipped 
I need you
As much as you need me
I am a human
You call me a woman

Monday, February 29, 2016

The apple pie

Smell the apple pie
Warm like the sunshine
Soft like the mother's hug
Sweet like the lover's kiss
The whiffs of cinnamon
Resonating the familiarity 
Of woods and hearth
That's what you are to me
Home to my solitary soul!

Monday, February 22, 2016


The mask falls
and I see you
Ready to flee
to the familiar bubble of your existence 
And the clock strikes
Were you even awake
when I knocked at your door
Were you listening 
when I blew my trumpet 
And the mask falls
I see you
Eyes shut tightly
The image of a prey
facing the predator 
In fear and agony
I can't coax you
to open your eyes
I can't make you believe
what you fear
is what sets you free
The feeling is percolating through me
Freezing my innards
I am afraid
I will pull the mask back on
The illusions you say
Are necessary 
The illusions
give your mask a purpose
The illusions are the status quo
The world seeks of you
Till the next ice age!

Friday, January 15, 2016

What should I be?

I was always more than anticipated 
Beyond expected
And a lot awaited
I was rain in summer
Heat in winter
Sunshine in dark
The balm on abraided skin
Reflected across waters
Of rising tides 
In dreary lands
I flew with the birds
And dove with the dolphins 
But that was then
When you were there 
To show me the mirror
In your benevolent eyes
When I grew wings
Because you saw me fly
When I learnt to swim
Because you desired my salty moist skin
I no more know
What I should be
When you are not here!

My Universe

My universe is small
Little sunshine
Some moonshine
And tiny bits of me
Floating like planets
Revolving around the core
Full of gravity
That won't let it all come too close
Lest my world collapses into
A blackhole
Nor would it let it all
Spill too far
Lest it may loose
Its entity
My Universe gives birth
To tiny little stars
And huge supernovas
Churning out rainbows
Across milkyways
Pulsating like the heart
Never too big
Nor too crowded
My Universe is small
Come find me....