Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My breviary of your letters!

Your letters 
Are the breviary
Of light
Of hope
A prayer redefined
For what a human could be
If you chose
To make her divine
Your words
Are an echo
Of souls born pure
Of raw emotions 
Of quintessence of life
Your rhymes
Are the music
Of the primal universe
Where stars dance
To rhythms inconceivable 
Where galaxies form
In swirling stardust
The pedestal you create
Is a steep climb to the heavens
A goal I cherish
For a million lifetimes!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

You cry...

You cry
Afraid that I will leave
Helpless in your reverie
You donot hear the sound of hope
The foghorn for the lost ships
Is not visible
But it is
You cry
In agony of a loss
You have faced in eras before 
Loss has a hopeless face
Gain has no face at all
It just sits silently
Watching till you acknowledge 
You cry
With rains falling
Wiping of the footprints 
Of those who left
Rains wash off the footprints 
Of those coming in too
Footprints donot matter
What made them does
You cry
Scared if you can hold 
All that you feel
Inside your chest
You know it will overflow
Bit by bit
The cup can hold only till the brim
It also leaving
Of what it can't hold
But you cry
The tears are the same
Not for her
Not for me
But for the fear
That makes you cry....

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Glad to share the same world...

I am glad we share the same world
When I stare at the stars in the night sky
I know your eyes
Stare at them too
When I feel the wind
In my hair
I know your hair are bouncing too
When I feel the nip in the air
I know your skin is tingling too
Miles apart
You share me
Times apart
I share you
Glad to share the visions
Thoughts and interpretations 
The pain, the sorrow, the joy
Like a soul residing in two bodies
I am glad we share the same world...