Monday, March 28, 2016


Don't we love
Our bright white shirt
And then there is that stain
The yellow curry
He tried to feed 
The tea that trickled
When the hand shivered
The mud that splashed
On the rainy night
The salty tears
She cried at the shoulder 
The lipstick smudge
During the hasty kiss
The bright white shirt
With all those stains
Isn't bright anymore
Nor is it white
The story of our lives
Filling empty spaces....

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I am the light!

The virtue of being lit
enthralls the dark
But being lit
is being burnt 
And while my shadow
is what I dwell in
You see the light
The flame is sapping 
the life force
Soon the burning will cease
Soon the shroud
of cool dark shadows 
will drown the pain of burning
Should there be no virtue
in the ease and comfort of darkness
For things to lie low
and not grow
But then what's the purpose of me
While I burn
I make your shadows
dance on the wall
I burn
Not because I am lit
I burn
Because I am the light!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

देखो बादलों का दिल टूट रहा है!

देखो बादलों का दिल टूट रहा है

कोई बंदिशों से लड़ रहा है
कोई बंधन संजो रहा है
पर रेत गीली होती है
तो बह जाती है
और मिट्टी समन्दर को भी कैद कर लेती है

दिल में जो उमड़ रही है
वो हसरत है
छलक कर बहती है तो आँसू हैं
सिमट कर रहती है तो आह है
कोई बिलख के सो जाता है
कोई सिसक के सहम जाता है

आसमान की पेशानी पे
उसके नूर का इंतज़ार है
जो कशमकश की सिलवटे
सहला के बिठा दे
किसी को जगाना है
किसी ने दूर जाना है।

The Woman

I have been here Forever
Surviving as we all do
I am not always perfect
I strive to be
I am not always strong
I try to be
I don't mean to be put on pedestal
I don't need to be worshipped 
I need you
As much as you need me
I am a human
You call me a woman