Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lonely musings...

Lonely in my musings
I sit here
waiting for no one
the sun is setting somewhere
i cant talk in hyperbole anymore
the poem won't form tonight
am i grieving the loss of words
or mourning the loss of meaning
like the barren land of mirages
images form
i chase them
with complete devotion
cognizant of its illusion
still disillusioned at the end of the chase
it does not exist
the waking dream
the lie of existence
the beauty of anguish
the exaltation of unrequited love
the vicarious pleasures in acted out fantasies

...and I sit here
the night has probably fallen
the sky may have a moon and stars
loneliness may be the one thing I cherish
but I cherish your company more
my illusions
in my lone musings
 the loss is shattering
the house of cards
I build so lovingly
is giving up its farce of shelter I mourn
my disillusionment
the starkness of reality
leaves me naked
I sit here again
in my lonely musings...

Friday, March 13, 2015

I scatter....

I am scattered
around you
clinging to your sights
as the looking glass falls in your dresser
I capture myriad images
of the world
and you see it reflected through me

As I lay scattered
in your path
holding my breath
so you can pass unhurt
like a thousand fireflies
you see me twinkle 
in the moonless night

And I scatter
as the clouds scream
through the tearing sky
a million droplets
fall around you
on your coat that wraps in the warmth
on the leaf that gets trampled under your foot
you feel me moist
against your bare skin
and you run for shelter

But I scatter
in the fragrance
of the blooming garden
while you take your morning walk
the tokens of my wholesome self
dance around your nostrils
for you to breath in
for you to taste
for you to feel
for you to see the nuances of the world
as I scatter....

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dream talk...

But its the time when time stands still
Neither day nor night
Not even the twilight
So I will talk like I do in sleep
And you can hear
You can see a poem forming here
It's confusing and defining
Taking shapes
Like pareidolia in rain drops
You create meanings
Your meanings
And I create mine
And we try to match them
we call them wavelengths
meandering lengths of consciousness
crawling between our thoughts
a kaleidoscopic reflection
of abstract constructs
you- me- us
and our primary process thinking
In this dream
you swim
I fly
You rise
I die
and the time remains
eternal in its eventuality!

The caress!

A 26 year old young caress
soft and warm
looking at the world with lost eyes
sometimes it is difficult for her to smile
sometimes easy with a tinkling laughter
her dainty form
 has the depths of oceans beyond existence
sucking one out of one's shell
she creates a vacuum
and as is the nature
of a low pressure zone
all things get sucked into it
the light of stars
the coolness of the moon
the heat of the sun
the smell of earth after the first rain
in that one spot
an amalgam of feelings
scattered in moist moments
and she leaves
leaving the thrill of the caress behind....

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Lets converse in verse
the prose is so mundane
the 'hi's so irrelevant
the 'bye's so illogical
'cause you never come
I never go
I can't hear your sighs
when you talk about your day
You can't see my strife
when I recite my story
The words sound hollow
conveying facts
 meaningless in their dreary meanings

Converse with me
through eyes
You twinkle
I smile
unafraid what you may perceive
unfazed what I may convey
the melodies resounding in your trance
my poem singing itself
with the rhythm of your heart
their echo
is our conversation