Friday, March 13, 2015

I scatter....

I am scattered
around you
clinging to your sights
as the looking glass falls in your dresser
I capture myriad images
of the world
and you see it reflected through me

As I lay scattered
in your path
holding my breath
so you can pass unhurt
like a thousand fireflies
you see me twinkle 
in the moonless night

And I scatter
as the clouds scream
through the tearing sky
a million droplets
fall around you
on your coat that wraps in the warmth
on the leaf that gets trampled under your foot
you feel me moist
against your bare skin
and you run for shelter

But I scatter
in the fragrance
of the blooming garden
while you take your morning walk
the tokens of my wholesome self
dance around your nostrils
for you to breath in
for you to taste
for you to feel
for you to see the nuances of the world
as I scatter....

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