Monday, February 29, 2016

The apple pie

Smell the apple pie
Warm like the sunshine
Soft like the mother's hug
Sweet like the lover's kiss
The whiffs of cinnamon
Resonating the familiarity 
Of woods and hearth
That's what you are to me
Home to my solitary soul!

Monday, February 22, 2016


The mask falls
and I see you
Ready to flee
to the familiar bubble of your existence 
And the clock strikes
Were you even awake
when I knocked at your door
Were you listening 
when I blew my trumpet 
And the mask falls
I see you
Eyes shut tightly
The image of a prey
facing the predator 
In fear and agony
I can't coax you
to open your eyes
I can't make you believe
what you fear
is what sets you free
The feeling is percolating through me
Freezing my innards
I am afraid
I will pull the mask back on
The illusions you say
Are necessary 
The illusions
give your mask a purpose
The illusions are the status quo
The world seeks of you
Till the next ice age!