Thursday, January 22, 2015

In your absence

When you are gone
The space where you had been
Becomes so visible
The air becomes palpable
With anticipation
Of your mirth
Your laughter fills it
As i keep looking
For you
Your absence marks
Your presence
In my mental register
I miss you then...

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Silence

my silence has a sound
in the hiss of my breathing
in the rustle beneath the sheets
if you could  hear it
my silence has a touch
in the shudder of my laughter
in the caress of my sigh
if you could  feel it
my silence has a taste
in the sweetness of my breath
in the saltiness of my sweat
if you could  savor it
my silence has a vision
in the loping of my mouth
in the frowning of my brow
if you could see it
my silence is my enunciation
for you alone
if you could fathom.....

Friday, January 16, 2015

Missing You

Missing you
is not a spontaneous reaction
its a manipulation
of my cravings
that being with you wont suppress
Missing you
is not because you are not there
but while you are there
I have to deny you
Missing you
is not to remember
but to forget
my existence without you
Missing you
is the colour of my prayer
beneath which 
sizzles the passion of my surrender
Missing you
is replete with
all that is
and all that could be
if I did not have to miss you.....

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


you tell Me
you fear Me
that I make you loose control
in the dessert of mundane nothingness

I stir fountains of cold blue water

you tell Me
you seek Me
like the hot spring
of your never ending winter
the dream
waiting to kiss you goodnight
the clear sky
beyond the blinding fog
as you slog through the life
you are supposed to live

you tell Me
you need Me
like the light at the end of your tunnel
like the warmth of winter sun
like the rain of stifling summer

hear me sing
My seeker
I am the ghost of your desires
the fumes of your flame
taking shapes you conjure
the wilderness of your cultivated garden
you mow down to stay in control
but I exist untamed
in the realm beyond
I am
your Freedom!