Tuesday, January 13, 2015


courtsey: benamimusic.wordpress.com
you tell Me
you fear Me
that I make you loose control
in the dessert of mundane nothingness

I stir fountains of cold blue water

you tell Me
you seek Me
like the hot spring
of your never ending winter
the dream
waiting to kiss you goodnight
the clear sky
beyond the blinding fog
as you slog through the life
you are supposed to live

you tell Me
you need Me
like the light at the end of your tunnel
like the warmth of winter sun
like the rain of stifling summer

hear me sing
My seeker
I am the ghost of your desires
the fumes of your flame
taking shapes you conjure
the wilderness of your cultivated garden
you mow down to stay in control
but I exist untamed
in the realm beyond
I am
your Freedom!

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