Friday, January 15, 2016

What should I be?

I was always more than anticipated 
Beyond expected
And a lot awaited
I was rain in summer
Heat in winter
Sunshine in dark
The balm on abraided skin
Reflected across waters
Of rising tides 
In dreary lands
I flew with the birds
And dove with the dolphins 
But that was then
When you were there 
To show me the mirror
In your benevolent eyes
When I grew wings
Because you saw me fly
When I learnt to swim
Because you desired my salty moist skin
I no more know
What I should be
When you are not here!

My Universe

My universe is small
Little sunshine
Some moonshine
And tiny bits of me
Floating like planets
Revolving around the core
Full of gravity
That won't let it all come too close
Lest my world collapses into
A blackhole
Nor would it let it all
Spill too far
Lest it may loose
Its entity
My Universe gives birth
To tiny little stars
And huge supernovas
Churning out rainbows
Across milkyways
Pulsating like the heart
Never too big
Nor too crowded
My Universe is small
Come find me....