Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Dream

You are the dream
I sleep with all night
The dream that makes me
soar high
and swoop down in the currents
filling my gut
with primal fear and joy
The dream that wakes me up
from deep slumbers of darkness
pushing me out of the cocoon
to flutter my colorful wings
in the sunlight
You are the dream
I exist for
ever striving
to bring you closer to reality
but not so close
so I can sleep with you
every night!

Friday, January 10, 2014


it hurts
to think of you
like nails dug deep
during a passionate kiss
it aches
like breathing
when the chest is pressed under the weight 
of   mating
it stings
like a tear
when the mouth is parched
with desire
i like it though
coz it reminds me 
of you..........


a burning cinder
flies high
and disappears
was it a firefly
just ash
of burning desire
flying high......