Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I hope
to wake up one day
as the sun rises
turning the dark sky
first red then gold then fiery
from this perpetual nocturnal existence
I have not seen the sun
just heard of it
how it lights up the world
making every colour of life
visible and vivid
how it warms the heart
and wakes the senses
I have had dreams
of such vibrant forms
that must be around me
dreams that stem from imagination
reaching out of the senses
giving form to the desires
that arise from knowing
that there are no limits
if we just let go 

Monday, August 29, 2011

The School

Lets go and watch....
he is talking to the sun again
how funny
he believes sun will do something
if he chants a prayer
its just a ball of burning gas
he talks to mud
formed in figures
and chants 
hoping to change destiny
another odd concept
as if someone out there
had nothing more to do
than focus on his singular pitiful existence
creating obstacles or removing them
he goes about the day
carving his meals in the din of existence
hoping to find a meaning
when no meaningless words are heard
under the same sultry sun
who he talks to
like a child
secure in the knowledge
that mother will return
when the bell rings
and the school gets over!

Introspections IV- A dull moment!

Perhaps it is hormones, or exhaustion of several years of surviving it out, like the wheel of a car stuck in mud rotating and groaning at every turn- its been unappealing and gloomy for a while!
 Even through change, with Anna Hazare's assumed triumph from a national perspective, to addition of a new asset from a personal perspective- nothing seems to change!
With growth being the gist of all the living done by us, the growth seems to be limited to the greying of the physical form while the singular conscience of individuals and  the collective conscience of the society stays tiresomely same!
Well it must be the hormones, or the typical act of surviving through the conflicting world of wanting to rise above the quagmire of unchanging ethos while the people one fights for are the ones pulling one back into the security or comfort of deep, wet, slimy mud that senses are dulled!
I should wash my face...........