Monday, August 29, 2011

Introspections IV- A dull moment!

Perhaps it is hormones, or exhaustion of several years of surviving it out, like the wheel of a car stuck in mud rotating and groaning at every turn- its been unappealing and gloomy for a while!
 Even through change, with Anna Hazare's assumed triumph from a national perspective, to addition of a new asset from a personal perspective- nothing seems to change!
With growth being the gist of all the living done by us, the growth seems to be limited to the greying of the physical form while the singular conscience of individuals and  the collective conscience of the society stays tiresomely same!
Well it must be the hormones, or the typical act of surviving through the conflicting world of wanting to rise above the quagmire of unchanging ethos while the people one fights for are the ones pulling one back into the security or comfort of deep, wet, slimy mud that senses are dulled!
I should wash my face...........

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