Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Introspections III

May be I should write today...after all I have been reading and watching movies belonging to the fantasy genre for more than a week now. As to why that should be a reason, well..... because it stirs imagination. There are people who cant seem to enjoy the fairy tales, the dragons and the elves, and the happy endings , because its all so unreal, so senseless;"how can it happen". At some point of time during growing up, we become too rational, too much in touch with reality and we loose one way to escape the mundane. In psychology, there is no pathology mentioned that emerges from being too much in touch with reality as opposed to psychosis that results from not being in touch with reality- so there is nothing to worry about from the clinical perspective..but from another perspective(I still need to become more imaginative to find an interesting name for it), its not all that well either.....well not for all at least.
As a child, I spent hours reading  superhero comics and I always enjoyed the mystical/magical world of fantasy. Some part of me still hopes that a world beyond our's exists where happy endings is the rule. What is interesting about the fantasy stories written till date, be it Harry Potter or Eragone or Chronicals of Narnia , the underlying principles are so simple- that 'love is the strongest weapon', that 'evil fears love and tries to destroy it to win but it still finds place in human heart as hope', that 'first destroy the evil within to conquer the one outside', that 'if we have happy memories to hold on to, we can ward of depressing dementors' my fellow professionals in the field of psychology- CBT. Or common sense which is not so common (or the world or at least half of it, won't need us- the psychiatry and psychology professionals).
But thank God for small mercies- neither is common sense common, nor the simpler things in life so important........I can't go any further- imagination needs more practice..what should I read next?

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