Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Success story

I am successful 
I guess I have reached the summit 
Beyond being the obedient daughter
Ahead of the subservient wife
Far away from the good enough daughter in law
Somewhere above the all sacrificing mother
And I climbed 
Above and beyond 
The clouds of my dream land
Which is supposed to be green
And vibrant
All breezy and sunshine
Here I stand 
Looking down on the steps 
I had to hop and skip
There goes the witty laughter
And there falls the halo
Here scatters the ego
There evaporates the glory
I spread my wings
I have to fly
The free sky beckons 
Towards the breezy sunshine
Here I come
I have climbed above the tentacles
The society bound me with
Here I rise
The agony strikes
The tug is stronger
The pull inevitable
Tied to my womanhood
Here I come
Back to the earth
Of my reality!

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