Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Re awakening

There was a time when words came easily to the service of thought. Those were easy days, fearless articulation, countless expressions and a new feeling every day. The head full of ideas, heart brimming with passion to explore new territory. And yes, there were dreams and hopes.
There were moments when intensity of emotions led to the rise of poetry- abstract turbulence, abstract expressions. I remember writing everywhere, pieces of paper, strewn around like little emoticons. Words did come easily, got strewn into the thread of ardor and hung around my neck. I was not afraid to show off.
And then one day, just like that I realized that I had lost the free fearless voice. The vocabulary was limited to expressions that made social sense, well oiled, accepted within the norm; rest got lost or buried. They called it maturity. There has been this numbing sensation ever since. I can’t name it. There is nothing wrong with the life I am leading. There are no significant issues, no more dreams to follow, I guess I have got it all, or all that is expected of me. Then why is there the unrest, this sudden shudder that is shaking the soul, awakening the hidden nameless feelings. Only time can tell. So I have started the journey, to find words again - the fearless, free expressions of feelings unknown or dormant. Is this the Re awakening. I do not have an answer yet.
But I hope to find it.

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