Thursday, October 8, 2009


I have been observing it for quite some time. Mostly in myself. How I just say things that I donot mean but I know it will please the other person. There is nothing wrong in pleasing people; if I can put a smile on their face, which also gives me satisfaction. Then why am I writing about it. I wont write about routine things that didnot bother me. There is the catch- it starts bothering after a while. And you cant start acting otherwise or you prove that you were a liar. But was it really a lie, a gesture that I didnot mean but expressed it because I noted it would make someone happy- there are so many diamensions to a lie or a truth or whatever we might call it before deciding which one of either is it exactly.

This is perhaps the smooth talk we often use in context of sophisticated people. When all that matters is smoothness, avoid conflict, make an encounter pleasant and then get on with one's life. I really wont care much about the impact it had on the other person. What I do care about is letting the moment pass uneventfully. The way we want life to pass, conveniently, without complications. Its a wish that hardly comes true, like most other wishes but no harm done in wishing.

But really, why am I bothered, of avoiding un necessary confllict, of making life less challenging than it already is, of not expressing the real me to suit the life situations. May be that's the problem with Jester's musings while he is called "pseudo". Though which part of us is the 'pseudo' can be left to further musings.

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