Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blues of the Blue

After a really long time I watched a really bad movie. Not that bad movies are not made anymore, but I would follow my instincts and skip it. But this time, after 3 years , my husband asked me out, so I couldnot refuse, and since reliable sources had not recommended "Wake up Sid", we zeroed on "Blue".
Thats the movie all about-'the colour blue', and ofcourse, green, red, orange, yellow......Because that is all it has to offer. It promised a treasure hunt which didnot start till the end, and when it did- it wasn't a hunt; more like picking it off a platter. Rest is all noise which fails to have an impact. The girls may have given some adrenaline rush to the men but for the women- its a beach party in a potbelly! ghosh!!
If there is absolutely nothing to do this weekend, you may enjoy national geographic at the nearest theatre i.e. if you can suffer the sloppy dialogues delivering a totally predictable sequence of events and a huge sense of something missing- a STORY.
At the end of it, my husband was red in face for having suggested Blue.

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  1. women=testosterone rush. scuba diving= adrenaline rush. not to confuse please. thanks for the warning. someone was giving me free tickets to blue.