Wednesday, December 16, 2015

When I close my eyes...

have seen your tears
Sometimes at the back of the bathroom
In the red films on the whites of your eyes
At the washbasins 
Being washed off with the makeup
At dining tables
Being blown out with the cold through the nose
I have heard your sighs
Big and small
Soft and loud
Choked midway in the throat
Muffled in hmmms and ummms
Released with the fog to let the warmth in
In the whirls of your cigarette smoke
I have seen your curling and trembling
With fists clenching
Spine arching 
Shoulder shrugging 
Neck jerking 
to ward off the shudder
I have laughed with it
In the angle of your mouth
While you grin it off
Floating in between your dirty jokes
Peeping through moments of sudden quite in the bustling discourse
I have tasted it
With your never ending hunger
Goaded with forks 
Scooped with spoons
Swallowed with unheard spasms
I have known
The pain
The strife
The denial
The acceptance
The ridicule
The faith
I have seen
And closed my eyes....

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