Thursday, December 31, 2015

An ode to the new world!

There is a new beginning 
Right beyond that turn
All you have to do is reach there
See its just at your doorstep
And there is a new world there
It doesn't see you the way
You see yourself
It has eyes wider and brighter
A more accepting heart
A bigger  mind
That doesn't only reason
But is reasonable too
All you have to do
Is reach that turn
Its not too far
But it won't walk towards you
You can't see it unless you make the choice
It doesn't come on new year's
Or any other day you may consider auspicious 
It doesn't come at all
Unless you decide to go
And go you must
Coz its right across the corner
The corner where people looked at you oddly 
The corner which asked you to bend and tilt
The corner which cornered you
It's the turn beyond which you can't see
But feel the breeze carrying the fragrance
Of the freedom to be you...

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