Thursday, August 6, 2015

The story across time....

There was the dream
that woke up with me
one morning, long back
as the sun spilled gold
at the end of my rainbow
its seven colours finding a shore
and the spirits of dew
rose to reach the heavens
the dream became a waking fantasy

There was the fantasy
not so long ago
sprouting and entangling
sensations fructifying
transforming into an obsession
in the water of the waking eye
sparkling like a star
becoming a life long quest

There was the obsession
was it yesterday or aforetime
leading me to you
across oceans of fire
but the soles won't singe
for you gave me wings

With each sundown
and each moon rise
the painter's palette changing
still drawing a similar picture
this morning
an exhaustion is settling in
with the exhaustive exploration
of whys and hows of our collective being
no more mysteries to unveil
no more moments eternalized
the oceans once crossed are wider now
and we stand on different islands
as waters touch the endless horizon....

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