Sunday, August 22, 2010


There is a deep disturbing sense of un ease..........we call it anxiety............we (read Freudians) say everything is anxiety and we attach meanings to it and then give it names- fear/sadness/nervousness/anger/excitement etc. etc. Its the import attached to the feeling and it can be either negative or positive. If we break everything down to basics, that's how simple it gets. But does it help? In my sessions with my patients, I work on the principal that if I make a phenomena simple, it makes life simpler, easy to understand.........and perhaps easy to live with!
But why do we complicate life; argue and not accept; prove and dis approve; rationalise and justify. Yes, we call it defense mechanism. We defend ourselves from perceived threats inside and outside. This unrest; this unease is primal to our being; like instinct...........

"A fierce unrest seethes at the core,
Of all existing things,
It was the eager wish to soar,
That gave the gods their wings."
 Don Marquis


  1. Hi Jyoti,
    Lovely. Your thoughts are lovely. And they are just so engrossing..I respect you my friend.
    Aradhika Anand (Ujjwala)

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    Aradhika Anand (i hope u remember that we were classmated in DAV)