Monday, August 2, 2010

Lost again.......

lost again for so long
still  it all seems the same
inside me and outside
sorrow, joy, pain

rain that doesn't fall
sky that wont turn blue
roads that never end
lies that won't come true

its a narrow dark tunnel
I have been walking for too long
a ray of light, a whiff of wind
carries me along

dreary, old and humid
 it goes on and on
walk ahead or settle down
laugh out loud or groan

even if I fall asleep
I wake up everyday
hoping that the pain will end
or the soul will find its way

trapped in the practicalities
not knowing who to reach
life is a lonely journey
so who am I to preach

I struggle to get up and run
there is light I can see
even if it flickered away
I still have to believe.....

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