Friday, September 2, 2011

The story of an Abstract Art

you make me believe
 in my abstraction
how you derive meanings
in gestures i am not aware of
a little nuance in my monologue
a storm in my brooding silence
a glee in my sudden irritated outbursts
that makes you smile
love me more

you make me see
the blur in my physical form
the non concreteness of my mind
beyond practical
you call it interesting
to yourself
while i deride my life as mundane
but not my 'self'

you make me hear
the tinkle in my laughter
that never left my lips
the chuckle
still caught in the throat
the sigh
mirroring in my eyes

I am
the abstract painting
on your blank canvas.....

(free for insightful  interpretation
as your strokes give me form
always waiting
to be fathomed!)

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